I would highly recommend Taylor Charpia to anyone! He was recommended to us by a close friend and neighbor after we told them we were struggling to sell our home. After 5 months on the market and having not received a single offer, we called in Taylor to get the job done. At this point, we had moved over 1,300 miles away and needed someone we could trust and who would work quickly to sell our now vacant home. Enter Taylor Charpia.

He responded to our initial request right away, and called us the next morning to discuss our situation. After looking at the house online, doing some research, and comparing other homes in the area, he was confident he could sell our home quickly for what we were asking. We hired him immediately and he got to work right away. He had the home professionally re-staged and took all new photographs. He handled EVERYTHING since we were already out of the state and unable to make the trip back and forth. Staging, photos, MLS, legal paperwork, minor repairs, lawn care, and so on; he saw every detail and made sure it was handled quickly and correctly.

Taylor generated interest in the property and had foot traffic in the home immediately. We had several showings in the first week of being back on the market. We received an offer after only 11 days, and were officially under contract the next morning. Not only did he sell our home quickly, but for top dollar! We were able to get an offer that netted us just over what we were originally expecting! He helped us negotiate on several counter offers, and kept us from losing out on money we would have otherwise left on the table. When the appraisal came back, we were under contract at the appraisal price. In the end, we couldn’t have gotten more money if we tried.

There were a few hiccups and repairs needed after the inspection, and Taylor handled those with ease and was able to keep the cost of repairs to a minimum. He negotiated the contract to have most of the repairs done by a certified handyman, rather than by the requested licensed contractor at a way higher rate. Furthermore, he shopped around to several companies when some initial bids wanted thousands of dollars for a repair that was ultimately done for a few hundred. Taylor was cautious in spending money where he didn’t have to, even though it wasn’t his money.

We were able to handle closing in 30 days, which was also done remotely (and through a Power of Attorney for other legal reasons). No matter the question or the roadblock, Taylor knew how to handle it and got it all done with minimal effort on our part. Taylor was a pleasure to work with (although we never met him in person), even though it was only for a very short time! I can’t say enough good things about him, and I would recommend him to anyone!