Taylor Charpia really is a 5 star realtor and person. He made the buying process extremely easy. From initial contact Taylor was fast to respond and listened to everything we told him we were looking for in buying a home. He set up a website for us where he put the houses he wanted us to see. We could then go look at the MLS listing and write notes back to Taylor such as: “Hate this one,” “Let’s look at this one”, “Like the kitchen in this one” and etc. Taylor would then refine the listings based on our comments. I loved this process because by the time we went to look at the house I felt like I was looking at the homes I REALLY wanted to see. I think this made our process a lot smoother.

Once we decided on a home, our signing and mortgage process was again extremely easy! We had friends buying homes at the same time and their experiences sounded like horror stories compared to ours! Everyone recommend to us by Taylor from the inspector to the person performing the CL100 to our loan officer was knowledgeable and professional. We were moved into our new home very quickly after starting the initial process, and with few hiccups. Taylor worked extremely hard for us during this process. He would meet us on our time, even if that meant coming to our house at 7:00 AM before work to get us to sign some papers :).

Taylor is very knowledgeable, and we really think he is the best in the Charleston area. We enjoyed our time with him so much that I am actually looking forward to going through the home buying process again! We tell everyone we recommend Taylor to that “if you don’t choose to use Taylor as your realtor, then we did not do a good enough job of telling you how awesome he is!”